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Image by Irina Sergeeva


Is my location suitable for a mobile sauna?

- The team carries out a site visit to see your location and where your sauna will be placed, we can then plan the delivery of your sauna.


Will my sauna be delivered and set up?

- We are happy to deliver your sauna, we have a wealth of experience and confidence in transporting our saunas safely. When we arrive, we will set up your new sauna and run through everything you need to know, and answer any questions you may have.


Where are the Freshwater team based?

- Our workshop is in Poole, Dorset on the South Coast of England.


Does my sauna come with a warranty?

- Your sauna stove will come with a warranty from the manufacturer and we provide a year's warranty for your sauna structure.


What are the differences between electric and woodfired saunas?

Woodfired- In the wood-heated sauna, you will enjoy the sauna culture in its most authentic way. The atmospheric light of the blazing flame, the scent of wood, and the pleasant hum from burning wood relax your mind and take you away from the everyday rush. Known to be more cost-effective and can be used at an off-grid location.

Electric - The right heater is the heart and part of the interior and atmosphere of the sauna.
The power of the electric heater is based on the size of the sauna and the interior materials used in the sauna. An average of 1 kW of heater power is required per cubic meter of sauna volume. The need for power increases if the sauna has a window.


How do I place an order?

- Once you've been in touch and let us know your sauna requirements, we will create a document for you showing digital drawings of your chosen design. This includes delivery dates, payment details, and a security agreement for both parties.


How long is the lead time for build and delivery?

- Our current lead time is 8 - 10 weeks. Please get in touch as this can change depending on our schedule.


What’s the price of a Freshwater mobile sauna?

- Our prices vary dependent on size and design, please get in touch for a quote.

We have 2 payment plans available which are written up for you as a secure document, signed by both parties - 

1) 50% deposit when you place your order. 

Then the final 50% on day of delivery.


2) 20% deposit when you place your order. 

Then 1 payment of 40% mid-build, approximately 4 weeks.

Then the final 40% paid on day of delivery.


If I decide to, can I move my sauna to a different location?

- Our saunas have been designed to be totally mobile and lightweight, weighing under a ton. This ensures that they can be transported by the average family car without affecting vehicle insurance.

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